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Which option can an awesome admin enable to make test and/or troubleshooting easier ?

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Which one of these objects is not a standard object ?

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Best customers in your organization are track by a custom object. You don’t want duplicates and decided to use the email field to ensure records’ unicity. What is the easiest way to fulfill this requirement ?

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Which feature allows you to lock the amount on closed opportunities ?

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Ms Valentine from Umbrella Inc. will start a new campaign. She asks which objects can be used to create Campaign Members. What will you answer ?

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Sales reps at Buy’n’Large Corp would like to have easy access to opportunities with overdue tasks, and also to leads that were assigned to them today. What would you add to the Home Page to fulfill this requirement ?

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What is true about records and groups in Chatter ? (select 2 answers)

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How many characters can a formula field contain ?

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What is the maximum number of components that you can include in one dashboard ?

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Sonny, sales manager at iBot Corporation, needs to review every deal if it’s more than 100,000$. Which tool would you advise as an awesome admin ?

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