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Cyberdone Systems just hired a new sales rep. The guy knows people, and he wants to import 100,000 leads in Cyberdone’s org. As an awesome admin, how would you complete this task ?

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Mr Capek is using multi-factor authentification to connect to MESA Corp org, but today he forgot his phone. What can you do as an awesome admin ?

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What is true about look-up and master-detail relationships ? (select 2 answers)

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Which option can an awesome admin enable to make test and/or troubleshooting easier ?

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Mr Fry is an administrator at MFR Company, which sells soda all over the world. He has built a flow to help support team and wants the support agents to be able to upload files from this flow. What can he use to fulfill this requirement ?

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Which of these are part of Service Cloud ? (select 2 answers)

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What are the two main types of Flow ?

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Mr Cobley is a Salesforce Administrator at SunAye Combine. In the company’s org is a screen-flow that allows capturing event cancellation requests in Lightning Community. Mr Cobley has been asked to implement a feature that also allows to reschedule the cancelled event. Which element should he add to the existing flow ?

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Mr Long, VP of sales at Harruman Trust, wants the sales reps to save time by being able to have access to more details on the same record page. What would you advise ?

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Mr Esposito, administrator at Los Pollos Hermanos, wants to know why a user has access to an opportunity record. What’s the easiest way to find out ?

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