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What is NOT possible to do using the “Manage Campaign Members” button on the “Campaign Members” related list of a Campaign record ?

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Mr Morton from Omni Consumer Corp wants the customers to be notified when a case creation using the Web-to-Lead form failed. However, he doesn’t want any personnal or case-related informations to be displayed during the process. What would you advise ?

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Mr Shepard from Dahtan Manufacturing heard about “Quick Create” in Salesforce, and wants to know the main features. What can you tell him about “Quick Create” ? (select 2 answers)

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Which tool would you use if you need to export data every night ?

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What is true about custom fiscal years ? (select 2 answers)

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How can an awesome admin help sales rep to have access to up-to-date informations related to their clients ?

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What is true about WhatId and WhoId fields on Tasks and Events objets ? (select 2 answers)

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Mr Esposito, administrator at Los Pollos Hermanos, wants to know why a user has access to an opportunity record. What’s the easiest way to find out ?

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What is true about Time Zone ? (select 2 answers)

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What is true about sharing Files ? (select 2 answers)

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