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How many roll-up summary fields can you create on a single object ?

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Mr Lerner, Sales Rep at Garner Nanotechnology, logged in at 3:00 PM and stayed on until 6:05 PM. Login hours for his profile are 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. What happened ? (select 2 answers)

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Which one is NOT a type of sandbox ?

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What is NOT true about packages ?

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What is true about validation rules ? (select 2 answers)

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Mr Brunner, VP of Sales at General Technics, needs two new fields on the Account object : one that displays the number of open Opportunities, and another one that displays the biggest amount of the Account’s opportunities. Which roll-up types will you use ? (select 2 answers)

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What is the minimum code coverage percentage required for deploying a change set which contains Apex code ?

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Which type of Process Builder processes can be converted using the Migrate To Flow tool ?

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Mr Shepard from Dahtan Manufacturing heard about “Quick Create” in Salesforce, and wants to know the main features. What can you tell him about “Quick Create” ? (select 2 answers)

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Mr Stern, VP Sales at TransO Voyages wants to know more about deployment in Salesforce. What can you tell him about change sets ? (select 2 answers)

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